Luke's Diner (Gilmore Girls) at Octane Cafe

 In Honor of the first day Gilmore Girls aired, Netflix contacted some small coffee shops across the U.S. to become Luke's Diner for a day.  I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls so when my friend Michelle of Michelle Hoffman Photography asked me to come shoot one of the pop-up Lukes' Diner's I jumped at the chance. When I say I jumped at the chance I mean, I set 5 alarms for fear of oversleeping for the 6am shoot. Turns out I was so excited I didn't even need them, I was up before they even went off. 

The excitement of the staff preparing for the big day was contagious. All the decorations that Netflix provided were amazingly cute and on point. The staff at Octane Cafe even dressed in flannel and wore there hats backwards just like the eponymous Luke from the show! The quotes on the coffee cup were perfection and made me want to go home and binge watch the show all over again. 

PS- My little sister is a huge fan of the show and I made sure to gloat about this shoot to her RIGHT AWAY. I mean as a big sister that is my right, right?! 

If you were ever curious as to what 2 photographers look like after a 6am shoot please see below!

Also continue scrolling so you can check out the AMAZINGNESS that is Luke's Diner!