Harper and Toys R Us

Toys R Us was founded in the 1940's and to see this iconic business become no more is more than just a little sad. Toys R Us was every children's dream when I was younger. It made your heart beat faster at just the thought of going. Now that I have a child of my own, it makes me a little sad knowing she will never get that feeling. So I wanted to make sure she had some memories of it through pictures for when she is older. I wish she was a little older and could sit on her own or even stand up but we worked it out and got some super cute memories. I do plan on going back again, in a few weeks to do this again (I desperately want to do the shelf picture again). So expect another round of these in your feed. Also that handsome bearded guy is my husband and he was able to snap a few of me with her too, which I am so grateful for! 

We totally bought the unicorn chair. 


If any part of you wants memories like this for your child, contact me today and I would be happy to set something up! I am wanting to do more shoots like this. Stay tuned for my family shoot at IKEA!