Junk in the Trunk

I should start this post with explaining my love of antiques. Other then my couch and electronics almost everything in my house is antique or vintage. I collect vintage cameras, not a surprise being a photographer and all. I love antique knick-knacks and pictures.  I also LOVE vintage sewing tables. I have an obscene amount of them, it's ridiculous. I am sure my husband isn't super thrilled about it but he never complains, so the obsession continues! 

A few weeks ago the infamous Junk in the Trunk came to Scottsdale, Arizona. My friend Elisha (she is the super talented lady who makes my maternity dresses for shoots) told me about it and I knew I had to go. I called my Mom who I inherited my love of antiques from and she immediately agreed to go. 

Junk in the Trunk was WAY more massive then I was expecting. I learned that I should have brought a cart to carry things in and water, lots and lots of water. I should have also worn sneakers. It was a workout for this chubby photographer, lol! We ended up buying some big pieces and had to carry them around! Other, more experienced Junk in the Trunk shoppers had these awesome carts- next time, it is a must to bring one. 

Junk in the Truck had more then just antiques as you can see from the photos. There were a ton of creatives there showcasing there talents. I bought his gorgeous necklace made from antique china dishware, sounds crazy I know but its absolutely gorgeous! The first image below is one of her awesome necklaces. I am also kind of mad at myself for not buying one of the dinosaur succulent planters and the rooster picture. . 

I highly recommend going to this next year, I will be there! Just more prepared this time!