Welcome to the World, Maize!

Hello All! 

I would just like to start this with apologizing with how bad I have been about blogging lately! As many of you can attest the weather has been amazing here in Arizona and I am so busy! Anyway- this session, event, milestone or whatever you would like to call it in my photography career was AMAZING. For sure, one of the most spectacular and  beautiful things that I have witnessed.  

I remember hearing from other birth photographers that it would be addicting and they were right! This was such an amazing experience and so emotional, and not just for Mom and family. I laughed, I cried, I think I felt every emotion under the sun. 

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the text message that Leeann's water broke and immediately, I was FULLY awake and rearing to go. However, it wouldn't be until early afternoon the next day that I would be driving to the hospital. 

The funny thing is that the night before Leeann had swore up and down to me and her Dr. that she would not be having the baby until her due date (she was a few weeks early). I had a few shoots that weekend and her Dr. was camping! Well, Miss Maize had other ideas! 

Leeann texted me everything that was going on so I knew when to leave and head to the hospital which was about 20 minutes away, convenient right? I remember getting the text that she was getting Pitocin to speed up the process. This sent me into panic mode and I left immediately afraid of missing something. I drove like a madman to get there which resulted in a speeding ticket, in a school zone....STILL WORTH IT. 

I have been photographing Leeann and her husband for awhile now and I have seen how much they love each other first hand, but seeing how much her husband cared for her, worried for her and loved her during this process was just amazing. Her family was so attentive and encouraging, she had a whole team of people behind her supporting her, it was an amazing thing to witness. 

Little Maize came into the world healthy albeit a bit early. She was feisty as can be and very vocal. The moment she was placed in Mom's arms a calm settled over her and she was content. It was so beautiful to see this brand new human instinctively know who Mom was. 

I feel so blessed and honored to have been chosen to photograph this birth for the Garners! They are such beautiful, kind, caring people and I am lucky enough to call them friends. 

Welcome to the world Maize, you are already so loved by everyone.

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